What a Governing Board is Not

Board of people frustrated over a project

All legally incorporated organizations—large, medium, and small—have Boards of Directors as required by the laws of the States in which the companies are incorporated. These laws typically declare that the organization “shall be managed by a board of at least three directors.” But the laws do not define and describe the meaning of “shall be […]

What is the Cost of a Poor Performing Nonprofit Board?

Let’s be honest, most people detest board meetings. In fact, few would argue if you spelled them as “bored meetings.” Dull as board meetings can be, the situation is really much worse. An underperforming nonprofit board of directors is actually a very expensive proposition. If the meeting are boring, then they are also certainly not […]

Board Dysfunction

Policy Governance A couple of years ago, I had the great pleasure of attending John and Miriam Carver’s seminar on ‘Policy Governance’. I figured it would not be too many more years before Dr. Carver retired and I wanted very much to hear him in person so I booked a ticket and registered for the […]