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S’Mores are delicious…and sticky. They are fun to make…and risky. Sometimes the risk is simply a minor mess. Sometimes it involves intense heat and fire. But the results are sooo worth it.

Consider this collection of musings, insights, and recommended resources as a friendly campfire conversation. More often than not, something shifts as a result of camaraderie around the fire. Some are subtle…others are profoundly life-altering.

These S’More Thoughts are for you. We’re positive you’ll find something meaningfully sticky if savor a morsel enough.

A hand is putting pieces of a heart-shaped puzzle together. Each puzzle piece has an outline of an individual, representing a leader putting his team together.

What Does a Leader Actually Do, Anyway?

Leadership Development. Team Development. Organizational Development.  Those are the things that effective leaders do, ideally in that order. Research validates the order. In reality, most

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