Organization & Leadership Consulting


A team is not a thing. It is people. It is dynamic. Those dynamics are influenced by internal and external forces. Learn to harness and shape those forces for the benefit of your team and its common purpose.

Because a team is people, it is organic. For healthy growth, organic entities require aligned structures and systems. This makes it dynamically complex, like a box of puzzle pieces. 

We refer to the pieces of this team development puzzle as Modules. These Modules are available as individual pieces or as a set. The basic set is referred to at the Team Optimization Process, or TOP. Yes, the intended outcome is for you and your colleagues to develop a TOP-performing team.

The basic TOP service includes these five Modules

  • Psychological Safety – develop an environment of mutual trust, respect, and support
  • Behavioral Norms – agreed upon expectations around tasks and relationships
  • Healthy Accountability – learn to focus on the present and future more than the past
  • Effective Communication – is to teamwork as proper hydration is to a human body 
  • Meeting Design and Workflow Management – shift necessary operational functions from frustrating to fulfilling

Other Modules for further team development may be added. Any Module is also available as a stand-alone service or they may be selected in whatever combination seems most beneficial to you. 

Each TOP Module is comprised of

  • An initial self-assessment process to determine your team’s sense of where it’s at and where it would like to be
  • Content based on academically-informed and reflected-upon lived experience
  • Exercises for either individual or group engagement and internalization
  • “Homework” to either prime the pump for an upcoming session or reinforce lessons from a prior one
  • A combination of session summaries and final reports, customized to the team’s unique learnings and declared next steps.

Team Optimization Process Modules