Organization & Leadership Consulting

Executive Coaching

What is an Executive Coach?

Executive Coaching is about: 

  • A trusted companion helping you increase self-awareness within your present realities and…
  • Strengthening your personal resolve to engage responsibly in those realities so that… 
  • Your future is more of what you desire because of doing something generative in the present.

The executive coaching process includes:

  • Determining a good ‘fit’ between you and your executive coach;
  • Clarifying expectations and boundaries;
  • Setting meeting rhythms and timeframes;
  • Establishing an initial set of goals and objectives (or whatever you prefer to call them).

Other executive coaching factors include:

  • You set the agenda for each session.
  • Your executive coach prepares according to your pre-session communications.
  • You may bring up real-time scenarios to process.
  • Your executive coach may bring up topics based on his/her observations.
  • Executive coaching is about progress more than completion – progress as evidence of personal and professional development.