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Insights on Workflow Management

workflow management

“It’s a new year!” Does that statement provide you with hope or anxiety? Your answer may depend on how you think you will manage what you anticipate for the coming year; or how you managed things last year. Whichever it is, it likely has something to do with what can be called Workflow Management. Work. […]

Board Dysfunction

Policy Governance A couple of years ago, I had the great pleasure of attending John and Miriam Carver’s seminar on ‘Policy Governance’. I figured it would not be too many more years before Dr. Carver retired and I wanted very much to hear him in person so I booked a ticket and registered for the […]

Team Checkup

Hard Lessons The odometer on my Toyota RAV4 just clicked over the magical 100,000 mile mark. That event triggered two immediate thoughts: 1) I drive too much (LOL!); and 2) I need to get this car into the shop for its 100,000 mile check up. That second thought came from a hard lesson years ago […]