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The Revolution in Work Tools

Calling All Baby Boomers! If you are from the Baby Boomer generation, then you are using the widest variety of work tools of any generation. Call us the Analog generation. We began our careers with legal pads and Bic pens and IBM Selectric typewriters. We were devoted to our Franklin Covey planners (I still miss […]

Board Dysfunction

Policy Governance A couple of years ago, I had the great pleasure of attending John and Miriam Carver’s seminar on ‘Policy Governance’. I figured it would not be too many more years before Dr. Carver retired and I wanted very much to hear him in person so I booked a ticket and registered for the […]

The Dangers of Leading a Turnaround

Acceptance There is an old Samurai tradition that admonishes warriors that, before battle, they must “accept their own death.” Only in this acceptance can they be fully present for the battle. Accepting the reality that one might die makes that warrior fearless and thus more likely to survive. The same is true for the would-be […]

Favorite Books Read in 2018

People who know me know that I LOVE books. I collect books, I cherish books. Books have been my best teachers and best friends. Last year I did not finish (only 32) as many books as I normally do (around 78). Though I did get my head into dozens more, reading selected chapters and sections […]