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Why Effective Leaders Need Healthy Teams

An effective leader guides their healthy team over a challenging summit

You’ve heard it before, “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Teamwork’.” While it might be an overused phrase, the truth of it still stands. An effective leader is a part of a healthy team, whether or not they recognize it. A humble leader knows they can’t do it alone. It is vital to condition a truly collaborative team of people dedicated to the purposes of your organization.

Organizations with Healthy Teams Face Challenges with Confidence

No matter how gifted a leader is, one cannot long carry the burden of company goals alone. Without the support of a well-rounded team, a leader may end up emulating the unfortunate Sisyphus from Greek mythology. Sisyphus was required to repeatedly push a large boulder uphill by himself. Despite his immense struggle, every time he neared the top he was doomed to watch his hard work roll back down the hill…only to start over again…and again… and again. Repetitive efforts without results are especially discouraging for the “loner.” When a leader loses self-confidence, it will negatively affect the organization and its employees.

A confident leader supported by an aligned team rarely sees hard work tumble downhill. Together, a disciplined team can mount the summit of whatever challenge it faces. An intentionally supportive network instills in itself the confidence needed to succeed.

Organizations with Healthy Teams Thrive

An organization is a complex structure with many simple moving parts. For it to remain sound, those parts must be optimized for enduring performance. People aren’t robots or metal gears.  They need guidance, camaraderie, and support to realize their full capabilities.

When your team members get to the level of viewing each other as leaders who work together rather than just alongside each other, they will intuitively lean into helping your organization get better at getting better. A healthy organization thrives. If it receives a “wound” or briefly succumbs to an “illness,” a healthy organization does what it needs to become well again. 

How Can I Establish a Healthy Team for my Organization?

Through the proven leadership development services at TurningWest, your organization can develop leaders who understand the value of healthy teamwork and how to contribute to it. Through executive coaching, we’ll help release the full potential of your key employees, in turn equipping them to do so for their direct reports. We also curate workshops and trainings aimed at developing both new hires and veterans in skills such as leveraging conflict for growth, strategic planning, and many others.


Invite TurningWest today to come alongside the members of your team, at whatever state of health you observe now, with the tools they need to not only be effective diagnosticians, but also robust contributors to the health of the team and its outcomes.


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