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After my initial launch of TurningWest, I sat down, downloaded the IRS Form 1120S tax return, and started to work on it. I got about 85% of the way to completion when I gave up. I was completely defeated. I called a local accountant and took the forms down to him. I told him what I had done and he laughed at me!

A little surprised, I asked, “Why are you laughing?”

He replied, “I have never had anyone even attempt this thing, let alone get that far. The fact is,” he taught me that day, “you do not possess enough knowledge to complete this form on your own. You need an expert.” Then, he taught me perhaps my first lesson in business. He explained that no business owner or organization leader can possibly know everything they need to know to run a business. “It is far more cost effective,” he lectured, “to focus on what you know and concentrate on what you are good at. Then,” he said, “purchase the services of experts in areas that you will never be able to learn on your own.”

For that invaluable lesson and many since, Dave is still my accountant today.

Whatever your line of business or nonprofit mission, you as a leader cannot possibly be an expert at everything. You need specialized help if you want to truly thrive and succeed. One of those areas you need expertise in lies in the field of Organization Development (OD). An OD specialist understands the people systems and cultures that lie at the heart of any group of people gathered around a common mission. OD experts can help you solve perplexing issues like:

  • How to structure or re-structure your organization chart;
  • How to form or reform your organizational culture;
  • How to build a healthy, productive teams;
  • How to solve conflict and reform dysfunctional teams and systems;
  • How to build a leadership farm system to grow more and better leaders.
  • And many other “people challenges”.

So, learn the lesson Dave the accountant taught me. It is vastly more cost effective to admit you cannot solve the issues outside of your expertise. Hire an Organization Development professional to help you with the challenges in your people systems. Your team members will thank you when they experience a healthier human work system that energizes them with productive, meaningful work alongside a group of people they are proud to serve with.

Call the OD experts at TurningWest today and tell us your people challenges. We’d love to help!


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