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Testimonials of Real-Life Coaching Outcomes

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Deciding whether or not to do something recommended by others is often determined by the credibility of the source. We could tell you about the value of participating in a coaching relationship…and you could think “Well, of course they would say those things, they offer the service.” Instead, we thought it would be better if others shared what they think. Here are real-life coaching outcomes from three professionals in a variety of industries, each one pursuing coaching for their own, specific reasons.

Planning During a Pandemic

“Coming off a particularly stressful year that did not afford much time for planning or reflection, having the opportunity to engage in executive coaching with TurningWest was incredibly valuable. With the partnership of our coaches, we were able to reprioritize strategic planning sessions, while also acknowledging growth and change that was concurrently happening within our organization. 

The team at TurningWest also helped to encourage our own self-reflection in our leadership styles, leading to more dynamic conversations around what it means to be in directorship at a nonprofit, and how best to support one another as we continue elevating our team while centering the experience of our clients.” 

J. Katz

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Increased Awareness and Clarity

“Hi Kelly,

Hope you are doing well, what a year – it presented great learning opportunities and made more business opportunities than meet the eye! Alas, I wish I had stayed in contact with Dr. Steven – just to say “Cheers!” and let him know my progress.

Here are a few areas where I have excelled:

– Became proficient in reading the current of what lies beneath the surface of calm waters.

– Thinking proactively and more clearly without really trying. Basically, the coaching changed the way I think. It’s something challenging to describe although important to share.

While I recognize that I have more progress to make, the above two items have contributed to my self-confidence and presence.”

K. Wauwie

Every Step is an Arrival

“I am so grateful for the opportunity to be coached by TurningWest. As someone who previously served as a coach I already knew the value of being coached.  What I didn’t know was just how much I needed this at this time in my career. [My coach] was able to help me reflect on how best to utilize my strengths and also consider potential blind spots that could have hindered my goals. I am so grateful for the professional support from Turning West.”

A. Jaffe


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