Organization & Leadership Consulting

Dr. Peggy Kendall

Senior Consultant

Peggy sees good communication as one of the most freeing, satisfying parts of working with others. Whether it is coming alongside individuals to help them hone their unique communication style, or working with groups to help them find new ways of relating, Peggy has spent her entire career helping people and organizations relate to one another more effectively.

With a PhD in Communication Studies from the University of Minnesota, Peggy has spent over 30 years as a communication scholar and faculty member at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. She has authored 3 books, numerous book chapters, and various scholarly and popular articles which examine the impact of technology on relationships. She was a recent recipient of a Fulbright scholarship where she represented the US as a scholar and teacher, working with Polish researchers to better understand the role of culture and families in providing care for aging adults. She is an international public speaker who regularly introduces audiences to engaging ideas related to communication and relationships.

With this experience, Peggy has developed a unique ability to lead groups in ways that are fun and inviting. She brings an understanding of complex ideas related to communication climate and culture, combines it with 30 years of experience analyzing communication barriers and dysfunctions, and creates enjoyable, challenging and relevant solutions to help improve and propel individuals, teams and organizations.

When not teaching, writing, researching, coaching, or talking about communication, Peggy enjoys kayaking, Candy Crush, good food, and international travel.