Organization & Leadership Consulting

Katherine Vasquez

Associate Consultant

As an Associate Consultant for TurningWest, Katherine uses her background in Industrial Organizational psychology to analyze areas of improvement in regard to the satisfaction and wellbeing of employees and employers alike and to increase efficiency within the company overall.  Her mission is to create a better work environment for all through the application and practice of relevant I/O principles and research.

Katherine is committed to fostering good relationships with others.  This means that clients can look forward to working with her in the professional setting while also connecting on a more personal level.  Katherine believes that it is important to have trust and genuine care between oneself and others in order to create lasting and meaningful change. 

Before joining TurningWest, Katherine worked in the restaurant industry.  With over six years of experience within this field, Katherine has garnered extensive customer service skills that are essential to establishing good interpersonal relationships with others.  She is an expert in conflict resolution, teambuilding and listening.  During her time at her most recent job, Katherine noticed many shortcomings at her company including managerial issues, poor employee retention and decreasing job satisfaction.  She hopes to one day make a positive difference in the professional world, creating fulfilling and healthy workplaces for working adults all over the country.

Katherine earned her undergraduate degree from University of California, Irvine.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Social Behavior in March 2021.  She is now continuing her education at California Baptist University in her hometown of Riverside, CA in pursuit of a Master of Science in Industrial-Organizational Psychology.  With a passion for helping others, Katherine has worked with many different groups of people to make a positive impact in the lives of those around her.  In high school, she was part of the Link Crew program which aimed to help incoming freshmen adjust to high school, an environment that is different than any other that young adolescents have yet known.  She has also done some volunteer work at Feeding America to help fellow members of the community that may have fallen into difficult times and need assistance getting themselves and their families back on their feet.