Organization & Leadership Consulting

Joel Rude


Joel’s approach to missional vitality is that of a furniture refinisher: if you have a treasured heirloom you want restored, or even a much-used chair with a broken leg, he intuitively sees its potential. After an appropriate amount of inquiry and reflection, Joel dives into the often-overlapping systematic processes of addressing a real need, where lasting restoration can begin. He has done this over three decades from within organizations from the first or second chair and from the outside as a mentor, coach, or consultant. His proven ability to identify the dots and connect them in ways that help others move forward results in transformations both practical and beautiful. If you want help in helping yourself, others, and your organization do your good works well, Joel has the toolbox…and several successful restoration projects to boot.

Joel’s experience as an executive with several non-profits and their boards gives him a pivotal perspective on organizational dynamics (from stagnation and decline to revitalization and growth). He probes insightfully, helps people hear each other (and themselves), observes subtleties and nuances, and honors others through speaking with forthright respect. Joel’s daily anticipation is to find ways to help others grow, improve their environments and find meaning in doing their good works well.

Early in his career as a non-profit leader, Joel developed a strategic planning process used by several non-profit organizations, also assessed within graduate programs as an effective process. While serving as executive director of year-round camps and conference centers, and as executive pastor of a large, dynamic church, Joel was a favored presenter of seminars and workshops at regional and national association conferences. He would also attend others’ seminars and, as a result of audience participation, would often be invited to join the presenter in their next round on that topic.  As the president of a national, faith-based camping association, Joel led that board through a long-term re-founding and re-visioning process that breathed new life and purpose into an organization that had become routine and inwardly focused.

For his own restoration, Joel actually does repair & refinish furniture, and hikes, reads, explores new places & activities with his family, and seeks a deeper relationship with the God whose character he seeks to reflect toward others.