Organization & Leadership Consulting

Dr. Reggie Thomas


Reggie’s greatest strength is relationships. Over the years he has cultivated and nurtured multiple relationships at various levels of his life – both personally and professionally. His passion is to help leaders develop healthy relationships in the workplace as well as help individuals enjoy fulfilling and enriching relationships. Reggie holds a doctorate degree in Organization Development with his doctoral dissertation written in the area of the value and benefit of emotional intelligence. He has used that research to help scores of leaders improve their leadership skills and improve culture and morale in the workplace.

Reggie brings a wealth of experience in providing resources in the area of emotional intelligence, JEDI (justice, equity, diversity and inclusion) issues, team building, leadership, conflict management and building healthy organization culture. Reggie is passionate about investing and pouring into other leaders. He is a “leader of leaders”, who wants to see leaders reach the apex of their leadership potential. In his work with TurningWest, he leads the team’s work in the areas of executive coaching, strategic planning, organization assessment, culture assessment, and team building. He is a gifted speaker and has been a speaker on a national basis for 32 years. He is an excellent keynote speaker and an accomplished presenter of conferences, workshops, and seminars.

Reggie also has a passion for investing in others personally to improve the quality of their lives. In addition to working with TurningWest, Reggie is President of PeakePotential offering life-coaching to help people to gain life balance, self-care, healthy relationships, setting boundaries, discovery of life purpose, legacy building and other life issues.

 Reggie wants his life legacy to be about serving others to help make their lives better. Nothing brings him more joy than celebrating the progress and success of others. Reggie has been married to Jeannine for 32 years and they have two grown daughters: Amanda and Emilee. He loves his family and takes pride in being a husband and father. Reggie and Jeannine enjoy traveling and over the past few years have broadened that interest by doing international travel. Reggie is an avid runner. He has run 35 marathons and 5 ultra-marathons. He has also run the prestigious Boston Marathon 8 times.