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What’s “Professional Values” Got to Do With It?

Core values of a company on a blackboard in chalk and a heart

The famous words from Tina Turner’s song “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” may resonate in some minds as we recently observed a day of “love”. What love is to relationships, values are to organizations. Leaders and teams often wrestle through difficult decisions and sometimes the outcomes of those decisions are unpopular. The process […]

Why are Values Important to Name and Rank?

Business man climbs the building blocks of core values

Imagine yourself stranded in a remote wilderness setting. You decide where: desert, forest, island, ocean. You decide the season: spring, summer, fall, winter. You have limited resources: food, clothing, beverages, other supplies. Your communication device(s) have 26% battery life. You’ve learned that rescue personnel will not get to you for another 72 hours. Now, due […]

Are Organizational Values Easy to Identify?

A compass that guides to core values

What are organizational values? Importance. Priority. Weightiness. Time. Money. _________ (fill in the blank). These are all indicators of value. We place more of the above on those things we value most. If you want to understand what you or your organization values most, consider how much of each chosen indicator is invested in a […]

Watch Your Language

Why Language Matters Language is one of the primary tools of culture. Language is not solely a product of our minds; it also acts upon us, shaping our thinking and our behavior. It is therefore one of the primary tools used by leaders to not only direct their teams and subordinates, but also to shape […]

The Value of Surprises

THE HABITS OF LEADERS: THINKING Last week I wrote about the habits of successful leaders and I suggested leaders spend time thinking. Strategy, assessment, reflecting on the organization’s culture, problem-solving, mentoring, learning new skills, are all invariably worthy of time spent in deep thought. I would like to add a less obvious subject to this […]