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Resources for Understanding and Building Trust

A team of professionals build the word trust

Working with others toward a common good is an incredibly rewarding challenge. When leading smart and talented people, stuff happens. At some point, that stuff also falls apart. Why? Unclear expectations, lack of communication, unestablished norms…the list of conflict inducements and trust-erosion factors is varied and long.  What can a leader do? One sure-fire idea […]

Trust is Foundational to Team Success

A team of bees trust each other to get work done

“Your team is not winning because of trust issues,” I tell my daughter this when she asks why her soccer team consistently under-performs. Many leaders ask the same question. Why do talented and highly educated employees have difficulty succeeding together?  Trust is foundational to other team dynamics. Just as my daughter’s soccer coach was not […]

A “World Cup” Team

People are diverse, complicated, and often challenging to manage. So how do you take talent, skill, and personality to create a winning team?