3 Approaches for Setting Clear Expectations

two women in an office discuss strategies for setting employee expectations

One way to ensure success among your team is by being clear and upfront about your expectations. To establish a healthy work system, focus on what your employees need to achieve success, which, if articulated clearly, encompasses the company’s success as well. The health of your work environment largely depends on your ability to communicate […]

Performance Evaluations Best Practices

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Performance evaluations are designed to benefit both the employer and employee, but the process is often clouded with dread and fear. How can we facilitate productive discussion in order to benefit both parties? Consider performance evaluation best practices to make the most beneficial progress for your organization and its valued team members.  Implement Regular Performance […]

Why Performance Evaluations Fail 

A sticky note with performance evaluation good and bad

On the face of it, performance evaluations are useful tools that ensure proper guidance and success for your team members. They can also help keep the organization in ship shape. If this is the case, then why are so many employees frustrated and belittled while employers are left at a loss? Why do performance evaluations […]