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Why Governance is Important to an Organization

Motor oil being poured from the bottle

“With great power comes great responsibility.”  To whom is this quote attributed? Some would say Ben Parker, fictional uncle of Peter Parker, the “secret identity” of Spiderman. Some would say Voltaire, or another thinker/activist from the later French Revolution. And yet others would go back to classical philosophers or biblical times (see Luke 24:18). Either […]

What is the Cost of a Poor Performing Nonprofit Board?

Let’s be honest, most people detest board meetings. In fact, few would argue if you spelled them as “bored meetings.” Dull as board meetings can be, the situation is really much worse. An underperforming nonprofit board of directors is actually a very expensive proposition. If the meeting are boring, then they are also certainly not […]

“Superteams” Are More Than Super!

Building Your Superteam What is it like to be part of a great team? It’s happened to me a 4-5 times throughout my career and I hope it has happened to you! As you may know, it’s a euphoric experience—there is this sense of being part of something bigger than ourselves, deep community—true connectedness, and […]