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Ten Culture-Embedding Mechanisms (Part 3 of 4)

A man is standing in a lake fishing. There is a mountain backdrop.

Repeat after me: “My organization’s culture is an outcome of what we collectively believe about the organization and how we behave alongside each other as a result of those beliefs.”  So, what do you believe about your organization? Over the course of this blog, two prior, and one-to-follow, brief introductions to ten culture-embedding mechanisms will […]

Weathering an Organization’s Culture

organization's culture

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing.” I grew up in northern Minnesota. I’ve lived in the upper Midwest, northern California (Sonoma County), and southern California (San Bernardino mountains). I now live in Minnesota again. I’ve tent camped at 62° below zero and 112° above. Whether it’s high-end gear from an […]

Healthy Accountability… What a “Sick” Idea!

healthy accountability

It was not a happy place to work. The mission was clear and meaningful. The people were good-hearted and good at what they did (for the most part). The customers were loyal…except for when they were disappointed, again. Something had to change. So, as the new guy in charge of operations, programs, and services, I […]

When an Executive Coach is More Beneficial than a Mentor

executive coaching

Remember how much easier working out and skill-building was with a coach on the  sideline? Perhaps you remember how quickly you learned when an experienced teacher directed you toward proficiency and even mastery. In the same way, an Executive Coach is an objective guide that helps you identify what may not be serving you in […]

Why Does Your Team Exist?

Why do your teams exist?

You’d be surprised at how few people can confidently answer that question.  When contemplating “Why does your team exist” it’s valuable to think like an ant. Ants are incredible creatures. A single ant can carry  10-50 times its own body weight! But even then, it cannot accomplish the main task of the colony alone. So, […]

Making the Complex Simple

A cartoon of a Rube Goldberg invention that makes a simple task complex

For the last four weeks we have explored organizational Mission, Vision, Purpose, and Why It Exists. These are similar concepts. However, one is not the same as the other. So what? Why make it more complicated? This blog will attempt to answer these questions. Imagine your favorite mode of vehicular transportation. It is probably a […]

Is Vision About Seeing, Planning, or…Believing?

Young people on a roller coaster

During the opening ceremonies of Disneyland on July 17 1955, held after Walt Disney had passed away, one of the platform speakers stated, “If only Walt could see this!” Standing nearby and hearing the statement, Walt’s wife, Lillian, said “He already did.” What a ride getting there must have been! What fueled Walt and his team […]

Is Your Mission a ‘Maybe’, a ‘Moment’, or a ‘Movement’?

A company's mission, vision, and values next to an hourglass

Q #1: How do you respond to overused terminology in a mission statement?    Are the terms “mission” and “mission statement” in that category for you? Well, hang in there for another 393 words and see if you gain a new insight or two. We think you will. Something familiar: Any mission statement describes what […]

Why are Values Important to Name and Rank?

Business man climbs the building blocks of core values

Imagine yourself stranded in a remote wilderness setting. You decide where: desert, forest, island, ocean. You decide the season: spring, summer, fall, winter. You have limited resources: food, clothing, beverages, other supplies. Your communication device(s) have 26% battery life. You’ve learned that rescue personnel will not get to you for another 72 hours. Now, due […]

Are Organizational Values Easy to Identify?

A compass that guides to core values

What are organizational values? Importance. Priority. Weightiness. Time. Money. _________ (fill in the blank). These are all indicators of value. We place more of the above on those things we value most. If you want to understand what you or your organization values most, consider how much of each chosen indicator is invested in a […]