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Non-Sloppy Standards of Performance

Messy desk of employee with sloppy standards of performances

When it comes to accountability around clear performance expectations, it makes sense to set up some standards of performance to follow. But deciding on this standard isn’t really a one-and-done type of task. It takes time, careful planning, and many human, emotional factors need to be taken into account. Rushing through the process almost always […]

Making the Complex Simple

A cartoon of a Rube Goldberg invention that makes a simple task complex

For the last four weeks we have explored organizational Mission, Vision, Purpose, and Why It Exists. These are similar concepts. However, one is not the same as the other. So what? Why make it more complicated? This blog will attempt to answer these questions. Imagine your favorite mode of vehicular transportation. It is probably a […]

Resources for Understanding and Building Trust

A team of professionals build the word trust

Working with others toward a common good is an incredibly rewarding challenge. When leading smart and talented people, stuff happens. At some point, that stuff also falls apart. Why? Unclear expectations, lack of communication, unestablished norms…the list of conflict inducements and trust-erosion factors is varied and long.  What can a leader do? One sure-fire idea […]