Horsepower Management…Consider This

management and delegation in horse training

Management is essential. It is also inevitable. It cannot not be done. It can be done poorly, well, and even with abandon. However, it can never be abandoned because someone or something will step in the gap, even if it is the Second Law of Thermodynamics (meaning, the laws of physics and biology will take […]

How to Respond to the “You’re not listening to me!” Complaint

“You’re not listening to me!” No doubt we have all heard that cry before. Usually its accompanied with a stomped foot, a reddened face, and an elevated tone of voice. And just as certainly we have responded with some version of “I am too listening to you.” And this litany of woe goes round and round […]

Great Managers Do Things Differently

Companies often fall into the “promotion” trap—promoting an employee because they excel at their job. What they often fail to detect is if that individual has management skills or the company fails to provide management training.

The Revolution in Work Tools

Calling All Baby Boomers! If you are from the Baby Boomer generation, then you are using the widest variety of work tools of any generation. Call us the Analog generation. We began our careers with legal pads and Bic pens and IBM Selectric typewriters. We were devoted to our Franklin Covey planners (I still miss […]