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What Does a Leader Actually Do, Anyway?

A hand is putting pieces of a heart-shaped puzzle together. Each puzzle piece has an outline of an individual, representing a leader putting his team together.

Leadership Development. Team Development. Organizational Development.  Those are the things that effective leaders do, ideally in that order. Research validates the order. In reality, most of it occurs in a cyclical manner that appears simultaneous and in some ways is. For an organization to develop well, it needs effective teams and groups. For teams and […]

‘A’ – Leaders and Their People or, ’ B’- People and Their Leaders?

A light bulb is lit up, it is surrounded by bulbs that are not on. This is representing a leader and their followers.

“People want to be led,” Says Donald Miller, author, communicator, and founder of several companies. He then tells stories that illustrate the statement, very convincing stories.  While it is true that plenty of people want to be leaders, and are, the reality within Donald Miller’s statement begs at least two questions. The answer to each […]

Values, Voice, and Vision — What They Cost You and What Others Gain, Part 2

A red hot air balloon floating above many grey hot air balloons. Representing leadership, values, vision, etc.

Welcome back. We’re picking up where we left off in the previous blog. First, a quick review. This is #4 in a series of six blogs on the theme of leadership development (six brief blogs intended to prompt your thinking, not provide a syllabus.) The intentional development of leaders and leadership is an investment. Effective […]

Why Character Development Precedes Effective Leadership

A sign that says "character" with an arrow pointing back.

Each word in the above title deserves its own blog. For this brief attempt at provoking your thinking about familiar things in less familiar ways, let’s give each word one short paragraph, but not necessarily in the same order.  Leadership 35,000…that is the number of leadership definitions that researchers have documented. To simplify it…you know […]

Not Everyone Is a Leader, and Why

A green wooden piece, indicating a leader, is centered around plain wooden pieces.

I am not picking a fight by saying that “Not Everyone is a Leader” but I am prompting you to fight with your own assumptions about what leadership is and what it is not. There is a popular mindset that states everyone can be a leader because leadership is influence and everyone has influence on […]

Ten Culture-Embedding Mechanisms (Part 1 of 4)


Repeat after me: “My organization’s culture is an outcome of what we collectively believe about the organization and how we behave alongside each other as a result of those beliefs.”  So, what do you believe about your organization? Over the course of this blog and three to follow, brief introductions to ten culture-embedding mechanisms will […]

Claymation Culture

claymation culture

The way your organization runs is a lot like the artform of clay animation, or claymation. As a leader, this makes you an animator. Other terms for this art form are “stop-motion” or “stop-action” animation. Either term may seem counterintuitive to what is expected of a leader…to keep things moving…ideally in the most helpful direction, […]

Succession Planning and Emotional & Relational Integrity

relational integrity

People have strong feelings about anything that threatens their survival or capacity to thrive. Even if denied, those feelings exist…and emerge later in some behavioral fashion.  Leadership transitions affect several factors related to survival and thrival. (Okay, thrival is not a word but it helps make the point.) Let’s take a brief look at some […]

The Right Type of Leader(ship) at the Right Time

the right leader

When it comes to leadership transitions, succession planning is, in part, about preparing an organization for future success. There are several key factors to consider. Let’s look at three. Character Whether your organization is healthy and growing well, struggling toward health and growth, or in a state of significant dysfunction or decline, the personal character […]