Who Me? Change?

Leadership Pitfalls There are many pitfalls along the way to leading a successful change initiative. There is the failure to build a “sufficiently powerful guiding coalition” (Kotter, Leading Change), or failing to prepare for inevitable resistance. One could make the common error of pulling up short of the change goals thereby teaching the organization that […]

The Key to Success

The Trials of Youth I have searched since my first days in college for the key to success. My search first began by watching classmates and talking to professors. I learned that “applying myself” led to desired rewards. Then later, in my early career, I sought the key to success in excellent work and continuous […]

The Skills of a Turnaround Artist, Part 2

Cultural Anthropologist The leader who desires to turn around a dysfunctional organization has no easy task. Nicolo Machiavelli was likely not the first observer to note this, but he forever captured the heart of the difficulty when he wrote: “And it ought to be remembered that there is nothing more difficult to take in hand, […]

The Value of Surprises

THE HABITS OF LEADERS: THINKING Last week I wrote about the habits of successful leaders and I suggested leaders spend time thinking. Strategy, assessment, reflecting on the organization’s culture, problem-solving, mentoring, learning new skills, are all invariably worthy of time spent in deep thought. I would like to add a less obvious subject to this […]