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Team Purpose and Design

a team puts their hands together

You’ve heard it before: “Form follows function”. It applies to both physical and organizational structures. It applies to systems and processes. It also applies to teams.  Team Purpose A true team needs to know its purpose. Without a clear purpose, it will make up busy work or simply take up time that could be applied […]

Strong Links for Effective Training

A metal chain provides a metaphor for effective training in the workspace.

One of the most effective and useful ways to foster a healthy work environment is to know your business well. And by knowing your business, we mean knowing what your greatest strengths are in a deep and meaningful way. In the business world and within your organization, you need to utilize your strongest links to […]

What Effective Boards Avoid

An effective board dances together in success

Attraction. Avoidance. We do both. Constantly and even simultaneously. So do organizations and their governing Boards. Some Boards eagerly move toward that which attracts their attention. This is usually positive, but not always. Some quickly move away from that which they want to avoid. This is positive when it comes to prudent risk management decisions, […]

A “World Cup” Team

People are diverse, complicated, and often challenging to manage. So how do you take talent, skill, and personality to create a winning team?