The Double-Edged Sword of Virtual Teams

virtual teams

Remember when, before video conference calls were the norm, the team was in the same room and we could clearly see the eye rolls, the understanding smiles, the two people in the corner exchanging glances and the boss getting increasingly agitated? Back then there were abundant visual cues that alerted us to more going on […]

Preparing for Your Executive Coaching Session

Preparing for an executive coaching session

So, you have determined to engage an executive coach for regular coaching sessions. Hats off to you for making such a wise investment in yourself and career. You are following the well-trod path of all great athletes, musicians, and artisans who know the value of what a great coach can do for their life’s work. […]

Why Demonstrate Integrity as an Example for Others

A gold compass pointing to integrity

Setting an example worth following requires the establishment of a commonly understood “true north” (not to be confused with “magnetic north”). But it’s not an impossible task. Set your internal compass on demonstrating integrity, and you will lead with significance.  That’s a great sentiment in theory, but how does that translate into building and maintaining […]

Trust is Foundational to Team Success

A team of bees trust each other to get work done

“Your team is not winning because of trust issues,” I tell my daughter this when she asks why her soccer team consistently under-performs. Many leaders ask the same question. Why do talented and highly educated employees have difficulty succeeding together?  Trust is foundational to other team dynamics. Just as my daughter’s soccer coach was not […]

How to Respond to the “You’re not listening to me!” Complaint

“You’re not listening to me!” No doubt we have all heard that cry before. Usually its accompanied with a stomped foot, a reddened face, and an elevated tone of voice. And just as certainly we have responded with some version of “I am too listening to you.” And this litany of woe goes round and round […]

Are You Really Communicating?

I wish I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard a leader say to me some variation of, “Well, I sent an email . . .” The presumption made here on the part of such leaders is that they did their job in communicating to their audience and it is the fault of the […]

Wired for Feedback

Words matter. There is life and death in the power of the tongue. We humans are wired for feedback. Not any kind of feedback, but feedback that is three-fold. According to the author of “Thanks for the Feedback” each of us needs appreciation, coaching and evaluation. Each serves a purpose and satisfies different needs. Each […]

Emotionally Intelligent Leader

By Dr. Reggie Thomas, Senior Consultant, TurningWest, Inc. Emotional Intelligence and Leadership What do you think is the most important characteristic of leadership, second to character and credibility? I believe it is possessing relational competency. Dr. Daniel Goleman is the leading expert in the field of emotional intelligence and he contends that only 25% of […]

The Power of a Group of Peers

So, be honest, how are you doing on your New Year’s Resolutions? That bad, eh? Me? I am doing great thanks to the most helpful book I’ve read in years. The Power of Habit, by Charles Duhigg, has been nothing less than a revelation. After trying to years to change my most plaguing bad habit […]