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Preparing for Your Executive Coaching Session

Preparing for an executive coaching session

So, you have determined to engage an executive coach for regular coaching sessions. Hats off to you for making such a wise investment in yourself and career. You are following the well-trod path of all great athletes, musicians, and artisans who know the value of what a great coach can do for their life’s work. […]

Coaching Resources from TurningWest

a coach uses coaching resources to lead her basketball team to success

When I played high school basketball I was naturally good at anything that involved jumping high — layups, blocking shots, jump balls, etc. However, I was not a natural at aggressively gaining possession of the ball, which was pretty much essential to helping my team put points on the board.  So, my coach pulled me […]

What Coaching is Not

With coaching a mountain climber reaches the summit in a sunset

It is often more appealing to try something new if it is a little familiar. This is true even for adrenaline junkies who love trying something new. The familiarity is in feeling the rush. Sometimes familiarity is achieved in part by defining what something is not. For those unfamiliar with the concept and practice of […]

Why Bother with Coaching?

A telescope and compass are a coaching guide to success in sailing

Deciding whether to embark on the voyage of coaching can evoke uncertainty and a flurry of questions. One of them being….why bother? When in such a quandary, contemplating the impact and outcomes of coaching can provide a destination while you navigate through your exploration.  “Each person holds so much power within themselves that needs to […]