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Leadership Transition

Does your organization have a plan for succession?

“Good leaders never leave behind an empty chair. Instead, they leave behind a legacy of leaders who develop leaders.”

– John Maxwell, Leadership Expert & Author

The concern is real. We see it often. For so many nonprofits, their sustainability is in question because they have not understood Maxwell’s wisdom. Because they have not planned for their next era of leadership, too many nonprofit organizations serving vulnerable populations are themselves at risk. Poorly planned and insufficiently executed leadership succession is a common reason for the failure of nonprofits. Philanthropists, corporations, and foundations all know that everything hinges on leadership. This is why they often want to know if you have a plan for succession before they invest their funds.

Leaders always create more and better leaders. Good leaders don’t leave a vacant Executive Director or CEO chair, instead, they lead their organization to thoughtfully and intentionally develop others who can carry the torch of the organization’s mission and vision. And great leaders understand that they must also nurture their organization’s culture through a succession process.

At TurningWest we understand the complex “people systems” that make or break your mission. We can guide you in developing a “Culture and Leadership Transition Plan” (read: Succession Plan) so that your organization is prepared to transition to a new season of success. Give us a call today so we can discuss your unique circumstance.


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