Organization & Leadership Consulting

Meeting Design and Workflow Management

Effective meetings and properly focused attention to tasks are essential to getting things done well. When “done well” doesn’t happen, the problem often lies in two areas: poor meeting design and/or incongruent workflow-management. Through this module’s five workshops your team will establish an approach to meeting purpose and design that will help them focus, capture intelligence, and increase traction. They will learn to turn meetings from frustrating interruptions to catalytic conversations. Once the meeting is over, the work continues. Workflow design involves everything from mindsets to task-management methods to  collaborative execution and evaluation.

This module’s five workshops include:

  • Identifying which meetings are necessary and how to increase their efficacy
  • Equipping individuals and teams with customizable means of increased workflow productivity
  • Exposure to tools and skills for increasing focus, collaboration, and productivity
  • Means of clarifying roles, responsibilities, lines of authority, and hand-off points & processes
  • Means of tracking, recording, and reporting decisions, assignments, progress, and learnings