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Conflict Utilization Module

Conflict creates friction. Friction creates heat. Heat can create light.

You want more light. It helps you see more, understand more, and achieve more. The appropriate use of conflict helps leaders, teams, and organizations see where the real gaps are, more fully understand what the root causes are, and achieve better, longer-lasting solutions and results.

Conflict, at its core, is an internal set of thoughts and feelings around the difference between what is (reality) and what is desired (a preferred reality). The more perspectives there are in a group about that difference, the more potential for conflict. The leader’s challenge is to provide clarity, structure, and tools for how to safely lean into those differences of perspective, leverage the energy connected to them, and work with those involved to discover the gems among the rubble.

The TurningWest Conflict Utilization service helps you navigate any size, scope, or scale of conflict within individuals, teams, and organizations…for good.

This service provides:

  • Clarity…around the reasons for and value of viewing conflict as a resource rather than merely as resistance.
  • Structure…for conversations, meetings, and processes designed to mine the gems that purposeful conflict produces.
  • Tools…that build trust and “polish the gems” within those conversations, meetings, and processes. 

Conflict Utilization is more beneficial than conflict resolution. You can use it well.