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Organizational Audits

Although financial audits are customary practice for most nonprofits, organizational audits are sadly lacking. At times, there are internal issues within a nonprofit that do not have visible, identifiable roots.

A culture and operational audit is a highly effective, entry-level means to obtain an objective read on issues that plague your organization and keep you from fulfilling your mission.

Your Organizational Audit’s benefits are designed to:

  • Determine how clearly your team understands its values, mission and vision of the nonprofit (its core identity).
  • Reveal how well your organization’s systems and structures support the values, mission, and vision.
  • Inspect hidden elements impacting culture, leadership, governance, conflict management and more.
  • Help you and your team gain deeper understanding and purpose.
  • Increase skills and confidence to achieve new levels of your nonprofit organization’s health and performance.

An organizational audit is critical to your nonprofit mission. With meaningful data and purposeful conversations, TurningWest helps guide your organizational audit, interpret and clarify findings, and provide recommendations and resources for your next steps toward health.

Experience the expertise of academically-informed, lived-experience insights. Schedule your free consultation today to preview the impact of your nonprofit organizational audit.