Organization & Leadership Consulting

Organization Design & Structure

Nonprofits grow in organic, dynamic ways. As your leadership and team actively pursue your nonprofit’s mission, there naturally comes a time when uneven growth in different areas impacts organizational design, structure, and systems. Structure determines the relationship of roles — impacting how people function within your organization. With outdated structure comes ambiguity, confusion, lack of accountability and time-wasting issues.

Instead, recognizing the need for a new organizational design and structure is imperative to maintaining focus. Reshaping the design and structure of your nonprofit maximizes growth and realigns your culture with your values and mission.

Choose a trusted expert to assist you in pruning and refocusing your nonprofit for sustained growth. An Organization Design & Structure consultation is designed to maximize the results you seek.

Your Organization Design & Structure benefits include:

  • Identifying hidden structural issues limiting growth potential.
  • Diagnosing and pruning areas of uneven growth.
  • Realigning nonprofit culture.
  • Minimizing wasted time due to issues of unaligned vision.
  • Eliminating unbalanced systems and structures.
  • Increasing organizational health.
  • Maximizing measurable results.

Your nonprofit professional customizes an Organization Design & Structure module for your organization’s needs. Schedule your free consultation to see how to increase the health and growth potential of your nonprofit with skilled guidance from TurningWest.