Organization & Leadership Consulting

Board Development and Governance Integration

Effective board practices are based on sound governance philosophy and policy. Defining your nonprofit board’s purpose and governance philosophy is key to successful governance. Whether your board is oriented toward operations, policy governance, resource development, or a hybrid of several ideologies, effectively leverage skills and policy with your TurningWest Board Development and Governance Integration.

Choose your board’s content options and benefits:

  • Governance philosophy and orientation processes.
  • Governance Handbook Development.
  • Defining, recruiting, onboarding and equipping.
  • Meeting purpose, design and tools.
  • Governance Process Management philosophy, practices and tools.
  • The board’s role in monitoring.
  • The board’s role in donor and fund development.

Delivery options include:

  • A one-time seminar or workshop.
  • Sequential, real-time orientation and training over the course of one year’s worth of board meetings.
  • Executive coaching for board chair, first chair, and/or officers and executive committee.

Establish your board’s clarity for roles, responsibilities, and behavioral norms. Build or refine processes and practices for everything from recruiting and onboarding new members to policy making and refined and purposeful methods of monitoring what is important.

TurningWest helps your nonprofit board lead and govern in a visionary manner. Schedule your free consultation to discuss how Board Development and Governance Integration impacts your nonprofit mission.