Organization & Leadership Consulting

“Turnaround” Skill Set & Tool Kit Development

When an organization or team veers off track, you need to stop the damage quickly and effectively. Positive change requires intentionality, and it takes a strong and brave leader to ask for help.

Be the hero your organization needs with your organizational Turnaround Skill Set & Tool Kit Development from TurningWest. Our change-management training equips you and your team with the skills, tools, and practices required for you to advance together toward a bright, new future.

A successful turnaround requires rigorous team effort, informed by accurate data and experienced navigation. You have the passion and the team. We provide seasoned skills and guidance in needed change through applied data.

Learn how to anticipate, identify, and navigate hurdles, prevent damage, gain needed leadership skills, grow your organization’s unified vision, and enhance communication, trust, and mission.

Your customized Turnaround benefits include:

  • An Organizational Audit to assess current realities.
  • Examination of internal and external materials regarding messaging, branding, organization culture variables, customer/constituent satisfaction, staff morale, strategy, finances, compliance issues, and more.
  • Interviews with select stakeholders (staff, board, customers, vendors, donors, etc.).
  • Dialogue with leaders around the findings.
  • Initial recommendations on strategic priorities and how to acquire and align best personnel and resources.
  • Executive coaching people in key roles.
  • Customizing a Tool Kit unique to your leadership assets and organizational needs.
  • Negotiable ongoing support.

Organizational turnaround isn’t impossible. Choose lasting success today by scheduling your free TurningWest consultation.