Organization & Leadership Consulting

Succession Planning

Culture & Leadership Transition

There’s more to succession planning than a job description and a set of interview questions. Think about the term – “succession”. Inherent in it is the concept of success. So, when you face a leadership transition, what is it that you want to succeed?

We propose one element is the carry-over of your organization’s culture, or at least the best and most effective manifestations of it. Therefore, we recommend our Culture & Leadership Transition service as an approach to succession planning. That means…

  • A deep dive into understanding your existing organizational culture, what to leverage, and what to clarify and bolster;
  • A comprehensive look at ten culture-embedding mechanisms engaging all stakeholders;
  • Clarification of roles and responsibilities at key levels around expectations before, during, and after a leadership transition;
  • Intentional, aligned-with-the-culture-we-want examination of what is needed in a new leader when it comes to Character, Competency, Chemistry, and Capacity.