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Leadership Development Systems

Developing leaders from within is a wise, cost-effective way to cultivate internal loyalty, lessen the loss of productivity, tighten the learning curve, and enhance the success of your organization. The financial, emotional, and logistical cost of training new employees from outside is substantial. Reduce the impact of this pain point with a custom, strategic leadership development system.

With TurningWest, you don’t have to settle for a one-time employee leadership workshop or series of seminars. Your guide helps you incorporate a system to establish your own fully-aligned leadership “farm.” Benefit from customizing an adaptive framework for identifying, selecting, and grooming emerging leaders – building and maintaining outstanding individuals who are raised up in the culture of your own organization. With a firm foundation built on our Leadership and Management Development events, your custom development system goes deeper – establishing roots that shape leadership culture and deliver highly desired results.

The leadership farm system follows a cyclical process of integrating:

  • Instruction (Seeding): Reading, lecture, and discussion.
  • Praxis (Cultivation): Real-time, hands-on, structured application of leadership capabilities and skills.
  • Executive Coaching (Weeding and Pruning): Forthright, honest dialogue on topics of self-awareness and responsibility.
  • Reflection (Watering and Fertilizing): A guided approach to metaprocessing.

Each cycle of content and the delivery approach is customizable to the experience and skill levels of your individual participants. TurningWest also establishes training and development of your supervisors and managers overseeing the individuals who are working through on-the-job aspects of developing as leaders — ensuring success at varying levels of your organizational structure.

Transform your organization from within. Your guide helps you create a healthy work system that establishes long-term leadership and success. Contact us today for your free consultation, and see how building internal leadership transforms your organization from the inside out.