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Personality and Behavioral Assessment

The Everything DiSC Workplace Personality Profile is a widely used personality and behavioral assessment designed to help improve teamwork, communication, and productivity in the workplace through deeper self-understanding of one’s preferred approaches to work, relationships, and collaboration.

The DiSC Profile is an individualized report that provides insight into one’s preferences when it comes to working with, communicating with, and resolving conflict with peers. It first aims to explore the nature of a person’s DiSC style and then dives into the advantages and disadvantages that style might pose when interacting with others.

Constructive change often begins with self-knowledge and self-awareness. The DiSC Personality Profile provides information on motivating factors, stressors, and how to connect with other DiSC styles based on one’s unique preferences and tendencies.

Within the framework and context of other assessments and profiles available through TurningWest, the DiSC will equip participants with deeper understanding and language for their preferred approaches to tasks and relationships within the work environment.