Organization & Leadership Consulting

Leadership Building Blocks

Things are managed. People are led. People also choose whom they follow. This service will help you increase your ability to learn, lead, and leverage what you do well so your leadership voice becomes clearer, stronger, and more authentic…one that others will choose to follow.

Leveraging one’s true potential requires knowing oneself with clarity, humility, and purpose. . This is enriched through gaining a more objective view of one’s strengths, weaknesses, motivations, triggers, stressors, and more. One highly effective means of gaining this objectivity is through the use of validated leadership, personality, and skill assessments combined with executive coaching — a powerful approach to intentional development of the whole person. The process of integrating the inner person, the public person, and performance within an organization requires particular tools, and guidance in effective application of those tools.

The assessments we currently offer may be selected as stand-alone options or in combination with each other. They are listed below in an order that helps you frame progressively-gained insights from each one and build on deeper understandings of your inner workings and how those tend to be outwardly experienced and perceived by others. This sequence is specifically designed to:


Provide a framework and common language for the overall process and your future leadership development initiative


Invite you to look inward and reflect on your preferred avenues for interacting with the work around you


Identify and explore learning agility as a skill-set for leveraging and/or complementing your assessed preferences and competencies


Equip you with deeper understanding and language for your preferred approaches to task and relationships within the work environment

Know thyself. Control Thyself. Give Thyself.

Effective leaders seek to increase self-awareness and learn to apply it in ever-more meaningful ways. That entire statement implies the need for a companion-guide with a map, empathy, and experience. Team members at TurningWest are ready to provide you with all three.