Organization & Leadership Consulting

Leader & Manager Development

Developing impactful leaders and managers takes forethought and initiative. Knowing how to utilize these employees in their distinct roles takes guided insight. Certain pain points require leadership perspective and action. Others are best served with a skilled-management approach. An experienced guide helps you navigate the journey toward ideal employee solutions with custom training for your organizational needs.

At TurningWest, we listen closely during dialogue around your people, systems, assets, and liabilities, etc. Then our academically-informed, lived-experience insights meet your real-world issues. We design a custom approach to content in response to your needs, with delivery designed for who you are, where you are going, and what you need to get there.

Content benefits for your leaders and managers include:

  • Guidance in the use of assessment resources.
  • Exploring the relationship between character, competency, chemistry, and capacity within each role.
  • Evaluation of mindsets, paradigms, value systems, and assumptions.
  • Defining the core responsibilities of leadership. This includes an asset-based approach to responsibilities and exposure to leadership tools, practices, and resources.

Choose your delivery options through:

  • A one-time video conference session.
  • Sequential video conference sessions.
  • In-person workshops or seminars.
  • In-person retreats.
  • ”Homework” included for any of the above delivery options upon request.

The differences between leading and managing are vital to the health of your organization. Elevate your key leaders and managers, and transform your organization from the top down. TurningWest is your guide to creating a healthy work system. Contact us today for your free consultation.