Organization & Leadership Consulting

Shaping & Sustaining a Healthy Culture

Shaping culture is as individual to each organization as a fingerprint. Everything exists and perpetuates within a culture, both positively and negatively. Unless you are intentional about creating the positive culture you desire, negativity quickly destroys anything positive you build.

Culture shaping and sustaining should be the #1 priority of a leader. A positive organizational culture creates thriving individuals who enjoy their work and those they work with. Positive culture easily impacts productivity toward a common mission and resolves issues as your team aligns with your organizational values.

Set your team on the path to success. Your guides at TurningWest are the industry-leading experts at helping you build a culture that positively impacts every area of your organization.

Experience lasting benefits and refocused mission through:

  • Crafting organizational identity statements.
    • Clarification and integration of core values.
    • Refinement and alignment of mission.
    • Discernment and messaging of vision.

  • Framing and focusing of key practices.
    • Messaging and communication.
    • Clarity of roles and accountability.
    • Meeting purpose and design.
    • Communication skills and protocols.


Influence culture that stands the test of time with guidance from TurningWest. Schedule your free consultation today, and start shaping culture your team buys into.