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Culture & Leadership Transition Processes

For many government agencies, organizational sustainability is in question during a time of leadership transition. Without planning for the next era of leadership and culture, too many organizations put themselves at risk. A poorly planned process for leadership succession is a common reason for agency failure. It is important to have a culture and leadership transition process that works well.

Avoid failure by having a solid plan in place. TurningWest is your expert in succession planning and transition guidance. True succession planning is purposefully aligned with your agency’s culture – allowing new leaders and their teams to thrive as they work toward unified vision and purpose.

The industry-leading, academically-informed guides at TurningWest help you avoid the volatile pendulum swing that comes with change of leadership. Our transition process services attend to the social and organizational integration needed to accomplish your mission. As people experts, we offer depth of knowledge and experience to help you avoid overturn upheaval with detrimental results.

Discover how to set up a process to lead your organization thoroughly and intentionally through seasons of change. Schedule your free consultation today to plan for leadership succession, and nurture your government agency culture in times of change.