Organization & Leadership Consulting

How We Help

“Life is difficult.” Organizational life compounds those difficulties. It is all too common to desire that problems will resolve themselves over time. However, when left unattended, problems multiply and become crippling issues that result in dys-function.

TurningWest expertise includes a trained ability to listen closely for the purpose of deeply understanding and responding to your needs — directly impacting your organization for the good. As experts in healthy human work systems, we guide you in leading, uniting, and mobilizing your organization toward sustainable success.

We offer expertise in a wide selection of services. From individual coaching through team formation and dynamics and into organization development for businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies, we know how to help you..

We help you become your better selves and do your better work. We offer you insights, tools, and hands-on practice compiled from decades of academically informed lived-experience. We engage with you in a customized process, not a cookie-cutter application of prescribed templates and worksheets. Yes, we introduce concepts, models, and tools but we do it within your realtime scenarios and for the benefit of your real-time tasks and relationships.