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Get Your Ship Back on Course

A ship gets back on course after facing stormy seas

Nothing is more terrifying than being lost at sea. The good news is that you’ve weathered the storm and your ship is still upright. The bad news is that you and your crew have emerged from the cabin down below only to find yourselves blown entirely off course. How do you find your way when you’re lost at sea?

This is what it feels like when your business or organization seems to be going in an unexpected direction. Your business might be experiencing a lot of rapid growth and increased demand, or you’ve realized you need to realign your goals. Your organization can go in a lot of different directions for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason, here are some ways you can get your ship back on course.

Navigate Your Organization to Calmer Waters with These Tools

A ship captain knows that in order to get back on track, they’ll need to know how to navigate with a compass and how to adjust their sails. These are necessary tools for any captain and sailor. They know they can’t get by without them. You’ll have to do the same with your organization if you want to perform a successful turnaround. Luckily for you, TurningWest has some tools for you to choose from to help you out:

  • Organizational Audit: In order to keep your ship from sinking, you must first locate and identify the leak. Our  Organizational Audit diagnoses the sociological problems pushing your organization off course. The Audit’s “Scorecard” narrows down the actions to take for a turnaround. It assesses areas of organizational history; values, mission, and vision; governance; general organizational health and structure; leadership; and how your team functions.
  • Culture in a Day Workshop: Too many crewmates jumping ship during rough waters? You may need to realign your company culture. In our Culture in a Day workshop, we’ll work alongside you and your team to establish and enhance a healthy company culture that satisfies and fulfills your employees. A healthy culture generates robust productivity from your team and ultimately provides increased results – which brings about an increasingly dedicated team that will sail with you through any storm.
  • Team Optimized Performance: Guide your team back to producing at max efficiency with our Team Optimized Performance (T.O.P) process. Over the course of 2 days, you’ll learn how team member behavior impacts overall team performance, either negatively or positively.


We Know How to Help You Navigate your Turn-Around

At TurningWest, we are passionate about helping organizations create healthy human work systems. Once we help change the inner world of your organization for the better, you and your team can successfully improve the way it impacts the world it serves. If your organization is straying off course, we can help you design a turnaround! We’d love to hear your story and share how we can help you. Contact TurningWest today to book your free consultation. 


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