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Five Signs it’s Time to Call for Help

Sign that it is time to ask the expert for help

After operating your pool & spa business for a while, you may notice cracks in the foundation upon which your success was built. Or maybe you’re feeling serious growing pains that must be addressed before your people implode. The Lone Ranger approach is not a solution. Neither is denial. While you’re an expert in your field, you can’t be an expert in everything. That’s when you call in someone who is. TurningWest is a business consulting company with expertise in navigating through challenges and opportunities. Our experience with hundreds of businesses and nonprofits has made us aware of several warning signs. Here are five.

Sign #1: INCREASED Customer Complaints

Customer service is THE big deal. If you provide fantastic service, not only do you build a loyal customer base, word-of-mouth recommendations keep business growing. Unchecked, poor customer service will have the opposite effect. Your customers do not want to leave you. A complaint is their way of telling you they just want you to fix the problem. If the issue is unsatisfactory customer service, TurningWest can help! Perhaps your people have drifted from the core values or lost sight of the vision. With Turnarounds, we can help get your team back on course and headed in the same direction. Additionally, we offer a variety of trainings and workshops such as “Managing Others” and “Coaching for Performance”.

Sign #2: stagnant growth…

The waves of business cycles mean at times you are at the crest and at times you are in the trough. Then there are those prolonged times in the trough. If you have not been meeting projected forecasts or grown much for some time, then look at our organization development services. TurningWest can uncover why your business has lost momentum and recommend ways to rev the engines. Services such as Strategic Planning and Business Plans and Development will help get your business riding the crest of the wave once again.

Sign #3: Incomplet Executio

Does it seem as if the same procedural problems keep coming up? Are you frustrated because most attempts to move forward stall out? Do you wonder why the decisions you’ve all agreed on fail in their implementation? It is likely a matter of broken systems, failed communications, and/or lack of buy-in. Take a look at what TurningWest offers with Shaping Culture Training. The outcome of this consultation is: an aligned staff (and Board) all facing the same direction…with clarified expectations…about rigorous attention…to providing experiences…which shape beliefs…that influence actions…leading to agreed-upon results. 

Sign #4: The Redundancy of Unnecessary Redundancy

If your business is at status quo or in decline, it could be due to inefficiencies. Regardless of the amount of money you put in or the amount of money the business takes in, inefficiency can result in a variety of vitality sucking issues, including debt. TurningWest’s expertise within the areas of Structure and Systems can help you identify reasons for uneven growth, stalled out systems, and unbalanced structures.

Sign #5: It’s Nearing Time to Sell or Pass Along your Business

Deciding to sell or pass along your pool & spa business is an eventual inevitability. Whether by intentional choice or forced by circumstances, that time will come. Future generations may have new dreams and directions in which they wish to go. In an ideal “passing of the baton”, your hard work and brand continue on. Part of that is preparing your employees for potential change. How do you accomplish an exit strategy that works for you and keeps your staff confident? TurningWest has three fine-tuned Succession Planning options that help you prepare at a level far beyond mere best-practice process management. You will receive guidance in delving deeper into understanding and preparing for the social and organizational integration of new leadership, equipping them to build well on that foundation you laid.


Do not let these five signs stunt the growth of your pool & spa business. Contact us, without obligation, at TurningWest today. We can help you prepare well-rounded, highly competent leaders, a healthier, more aligned business, and the ability to identify and achieve well-discerned goals for today, tomorrow, and the future.


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