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Do You Have “Mountains” to Move?

Overcoming Resistance to Change

I am working with an organization that desperately needs to make some changes to survive. They all know it and have openly admitted they are afraid to move forward. What do they do?

After learning some new ways of thinking, creating a shared vision, and sharing their fears, they are starting with some baby steps, making some small changes where the risk is low and the likelihood of success high. We are building institutional confidence. Like the “Little Engine That Could” we want the organization to start to think and feel, “I think I can, I think I can!”

Leveraging the Results

Can the answer be so simple? Well, yes and no. Small changes can yield big results, but finding the areas of highest leverage can be challenging as they are often least obvious-especially to those in the system. Just as a ship at sea is affected greatly by a small rudder that remains fairly unobvious, so can an organization be steered by underlying structures that are not so obvious.

What are you not seeing? Do you need someone to help you consider some new ways of thinking? Are you ready to move some mountains?


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