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How Often to Meet with an Executive Coach

meeting with an executive coach

“As often as needed.”  Ah, there’s the rub. Once we become competent at something, we seldom recognize when we have a need related to that something. We may have an inkling that an objective outsider might help broaden our perspective or deepen our understanding… but things seem to be going well enough, and then there’s […]

Helping Others Connect Their Motivations

A close up of an engine's drive belts illustrates how helping others define their motivations shows what drives them.

What personally motivates each individual on your team is complexly unique to them, and that’s a good thing. Just as diversity on a team with a common purpose serves the organization more effectively, diversity of motivations can connect various components for greater momentum. Let’s take a look at helping others identify their personal motives. Purpose […]

Why Demonstrate Integrity as an Example for Others

A gold compass pointing to integrity

Setting an example worth following requires the establishment of a commonly understood “true north” (not to be confused with “magnetic north”). But it’s not an impossible task. Set your internal compass on demonstrating integrity, and you will lead with significance.  That’s a great sentiment in theory, but how does that translate into building and maintaining […]

What Is ‘Character’ And How Can You Find It In Yourself And Others?

A small plant sprout pushes through the dirt as an example of finding character in yourself and others.

Character is a difficult attribute to define. But everyone has one. You can easily observe character within a few meetings or collaborations. What most reveals a person’s character is watching how they work through a crisis or significant challenge, especially one in which they risk making mistakes. What is character? The original meaning of the […]

3 Approaches for Setting Clear Expectations

two women in an office discuss strategies for setting employee expectations

One way to ensure success among your team is by being clear and upfront about your expectations. To establish a healthy work system, focus on what your employees need to achieve success, which, if articulated clearly, encompasses the company’s success as well. The health of your work environment largely depends on your ability to communicate […]

Is a Meaningful 360 Degree Feedback Possible?

a mathematical compass and a 360 degree circular protractor scale sit on top of a map

Is a meaningful 360 degree feedback possible? The short answer is yes, but it’s a little more nuanced than that. There are several factors to consider before embarking on the 360 degree feedback journey for you and your team.  What is a 360 assessment? In short, a 360 assessment is feedback that examines an individual […]

Why Performance Evaluations Fail 

A sticky note with performance evaluation good and bad

On the face of it, performance evaluations are useful tools that ensure proper guidance and success for your team members. They can also help keep the organization in ship shape. If this is the case, then why are so many employees frustrated and belittled while employers are left at a loss? Why do performance evaluations […]

Onboarding vs. Integration of New Hires

Integration of puzzle pieces with new hires

“Onboarding” might be the wrong term. It may be causing your organization to disorient new staff rather than helpfully align their expectations. The word ‘onboarding’ implies a quick, technical process involving just a few steps. Sure, knowing where one’s workstation is, who they report to, how to use the IT, and what the HR systems […]

The ‘Ologies’ of Delegation

Small figurines on a desk represent delegation

You’re correct. There is no such word as “ologies”. It looks like something from a kid-friendly sci-fi story. On the other hand, there is an entire conceptual arena of “the study of” or “a body of knowledge”. Interestingly, for something as conceptually simple as the management practice of delegation, there is a robust body of […]

Effective Management…or Not

seagulls fight over food

To better understand what something is, it can help to understand what it is not. This month we’re sharing ideas about effective management. For a point of reference, let’s define effective management as “any behavior, practice, relational interaction, or character quality by a person in an oversight role that positively affects an employee’s long-term workplace […]