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The Double-Edged Sword of Virtual Teams

virtual teams

Remember when, before video conference calls were the norm, the team was in the same room and we could clearly see the eye rolls, the understanding smiles, the two people in the corner exchanging glances and the boss getting increasingly agitated? Back then there were abundant visual cues that alerted us to more going on […]

Insights on Workflow Management

workflow management

“It’s a new year!” Does that statement provide you with hope or anxiety? Your answer may depend on how you think you will manage what you anticipate for the coming year; or how you managed things last year. Whichever it is, it likely has something to do with what can be called Workflow Management. Work. […]

Do These 3 Things in Your First 30 Minutes

Admit it. The first thing you do every work day is check your email, right? If so, you are making a huge productivity mistake. Beginning your work day reviewing your email sets you on a reactive tone for the rest of the day. The truth behind why you feel compelled to scroll through your email […]

The Revolution in Work Tools

Calling All Baby Boomers! If you are from the Baby Boomer generation, then you are using the widest variety of work tools of any generation. Call us the Analog generation. We began our careers with legal pads and Bic pens and IBM Selectric typewriters. We were devoted to our Franklin Covey planners (I still miss […]

Fire Breaks: A Time Management Technique

Fire Breaks As I have noted in other posts, I believe that time management, no matter what your profession, is one of the singular keys to success. This realization early in my professional life has driven me to be an ardent student of the subject. I am constantly on the lookout for new tips, shortcuts, […]

New Year’s Habits

Resolutions I love the New Year! It has always seemed to me to be a fresh start, a clean slate, a chance to reinvent myself. It will not surprise you then to learn that throughout my adult life I have been a huge advocate of New Year’s resolutions. Get more exercise, write more, have more […]


Time is Precious If adulthood has taught me one thing it is just this: the management of my time is critically linked to my success. It is also the central battle I fight every single day. Since my very first days in college, I have been on a quest to discover the secrets of managing […]

The Key to Success

The Trials of Youth I have searched since my first days in college for the key to success. My search first began by watching classmates and talking to professors. I learned that “applying myself” led to desired rewards. Then later, in my early career, I sought the key to success in excellent work and continuous […]