Why Does Your Team Exist?

Why do your teams exist?

You’d be surprised at how few people can confidently answer that question.  When contemplating “Why does your team exist” it’s valuable to think like an ant. Ants are incredible creatures. A single ant can carry  10-50 times its own body weight! But even then, it cannot accomplish the main task of the colony alone. So, […]

What is Agency and How Does it Benefit a Team?

man taking agency up stairs into sun

Gary Gunderson, a pioneer in the field of faith in public health, explored many theories, research papers, speeches, and presentations about the causes of death. Medical science is continually focused on the causes of death and preventing them. For instance, if obesity is a leading cause of death, we focus on avoiding obesity. The same […]

Helping Others Connect Their Motivations

A close up of an engine's drive belts illustrates how helping others define their motivations shows what drives them.

What personally motivates each individual on your team is complexly unique to them, and that’s a good thing. Just as diversity on a team with a common purpose serves the organization more effectively, diversity of motivations can connect various components for greater momentum. Let’s take a look at helping others identify their personal motives. Purpose […]

“Character” Defined: What does it mean for the workplace?

a weathered sign with three planks points in three directions in a desert

What is “sound character”? It is the combined attributes of a person that prove solid and unshakable during difficult and disorienting challenges. We each think differently, and we believe different things. But there are commonalities that tend to produce an honorable person, a person with sound character. (There are also people with “unsound” character.) As […]

Non-Sloppy Standards of Performance

Messy desk of employee with sloppy standards of performances

When it comes to accountability around clear performance expectations, it makes sense to set up some standards of performance to follow. But deciding on this standard isn’t really a one-and-done type of task. It takes time, careful planning, and many human, emotional factors need to be taken into account. Rushing through the process almost always […]

Employee Training vs. Employee Development

New employee training in a coffee shop

Employee training done well is a one-and-done event – True or False? It depends. Some things to keep in mind for employee training vs. employee development: Whether you focus on one-time employee training sessions or an employee development program, each approach depends on a few key factors. And there are times for a hybrid approach. […]

Evaluate Your Employee Onboarding Process

A blue sticky note says welcome aboard to a new employee onboarding

Only 12% of U.S. employees say their company does a good job of employee onboarding. Ouch. Effective onboarding in an increasingly hybrid environment of in-person and remote workspaces is daunting. A relatively new challenge is that of helping remote workers develop relationships and role clarity from “home”. Gallup analytics reveal nearly one in five employees […]

Testimonials of Real-Life Coaching Outcomes

a typewriter writes to whom it may concern on coaching outcomes

Deciding whether or not to do something recommended by others is often determined by the credibility of the source. We could tell you about the value of participating in a coaching relationship…and you could think “Well, of course they would say those things, they offer the service.” Instead, we thought it would be better if […]

Why Governance is Important to an Organization

Motor oil being poured from the bottle

“With great power comes great responsibility.”  To whom is this quote attributed? Some would say Ben Parker, fictional uncle of Peter Parker, the “secret identity” of Spiderman. Some would say Voltaire, or another thinker/activist from the later French Revolution. And yet others would go back to classical philosophers or biblical times (see Luke 24:18). Either […]

Making the Complex Simple

A cartoon of a Rube Goldberg invention that makes a simple task complex

For the last four weeks we have explored organizational Mission, Vision, Purpose, and Why It Exists. These are similar concepts. However, one is not the same as the other. So what? Why make it more complicated? This blog will attempt to answer these questions. Imagine your favorite mode of vehicular transportation. It is probably a […]