A Manager’s Guide To Compliments Versus Encouragement

a winding path through the woods

Navigating the nuanced differences between compliments and encouragement is at times a winding road, but take heart. Both compliments and encouragement can be used to your advantage to create a healthy workplace environment, especially with a little attention to detail. Let’s take a look at the benefits of encouragement, compliments, and the in-between.  Workplace Compliments […]

Catch People Doing It Right: Celebrating Success in the Workplace

a group of people celebrating success in the workplace

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind. If you’re not careful,  you may end up valuing the product more than you value the person behind the product, a big misstep. So, how do you keep a continual eye on the benefits of building a healthy team? The answer is: Catch people doing […]

3 Approaches for Setting Clear Expectations

two women in an office discuss strategies for setting employee expectations

One way to ensure success among your team is by being clear and upfront about your expectations. To establish a healthy work system, focus on what your employees need to achieve success, which, if articulated clearly, encompasses the company’s success as well. The health of your work environment largely depends on your ability to communicate […]

Performance Evaluations Best Practices

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Performance evaluations are designed to benefit both the employer and employee, but the process is often clouded with dread and fear. How can we facilitate productive discussion in order to benefit both parties? Consider performance evaluation best practices to make the most beneficial progress for your organization and its valued team members.  Implement Regular Performance […]

Onboarding vs. Integration of New Hires

Integration of puzzle pieces with new hires

“Onboarding” might be the wrong term. It may be causing your organization to disorient new staff rather than helpfully align their expectations. The word ‘onboarding’ implies a quick, technical process involving just a few steps. Sure, knowing where one’s workstation is, who they report to, how to use the IT, and what the HR systems […]

Mindset, “Mind the Pieces,” and Peace of Mind

peace of mind is required for good delegation

Successful delegation begins with your mindset. It proceeds according to the degree of alignment with your values. It ends with however close you got to what you determined would define success. Mindset As stated in this month’s earlier blogs, a manager or leader’s mindset determines their approach to delegation. It bears repeating – do you […]

The Practicalities of Delegation

an illustration of office employees going through the process of delegation

The history of management is in part a history of delegation…from the beginning. Whether you believe it’s myth or truth, the book of Genesis in the Old Testament of the Judeo-Christian scriptures tells of God the Creator delegating to Adam and Eve, his first “employees”. They were given dominion over the garden of Eden and […]

Effective Management…or Not

seagulls fight over food

To better understand what something is, it can help to understand what it is not. This month we’re sharing ideas about effective management. For a point of reference, let’s define effective management as “any behavior, practice, relational interaction, or character quality by a person in an oversight role that positively affects an employee’s long-term workplace […]

Horsepower Management…Consider This

management and delegation in horse training

Management is essential. It is also inevitable. It cannot not be done. It can be done poorly, well, and even with abandon. However, it can never be abandoned because someone or something will step in the gap, even if it is the Second Law of Thermodynamics (meaning, the laws of physics and biology will take […]

Coaching Resources from TurningWest

a coach uses coaching resources to lead her basketball team to success

When I played high school basketball I was naturally good at anything that involved jumping high — layups, blocking shots, jump balls, etc. However, I was not a natural at aggressively gaining possession of the ball, which was pretty much essential to helping my team put points on the board.  So, my coach pulled me […]