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Business Model Planning

Flowchart on a chalk boardDoes your Business Model work? Does your nonprofit have a written Funding Model?

Before going out on a limb and launching your business or nonprofit on a hunch, let us work with you to perfect your business model or funding model. Even if you are a non-profit corporation, you still have a model so that you can analyze your services and sources of revenue. Research has shown that most business, for profit and non-profit alike, start out with a flawed model which limits the results they actually achieve.

We will use some of the latest tools to thoroughly plan each of the nine aspects of a comprehensive business model to ensure that you have everything in place. Before you venture out, we will ensure that each of these elements of a profitable model work in harmony with one another.

In addition to the written description of your model, we will compose a single page diagram of your plan so that you can communicate your business model to potential bankers, board of directors, investors, staff, and stakeholders.

With your coordinated business model, you will be prepared to launch your new venture with confidence that you have set a firm foundation for the success that you dream of achieving.