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About You

You are good at what you do. However, on many days you, your people, or your teams don’t function the way you would like. Communication and systems fail, frustrations build, and productivity suffers. Maybe there seems to be more corrosion than collaboration, more erosion than resolution, more angst than action. Eventually you embark on a quest to find a transformative solution for whatever is compromising your organization’s best efforts. 

Heroic effort. You and your colleagues have made several. At times those efforts still fall short of desired “heroic results”. Take heart. You are not alone (though it often feels that way). Every hero’s journey story includes the appearance and resourcefulness of a Guide. If you are at that point of your story, now is the time to request help from a guide that brings reflected on lived-experience, framed with academic rigor, and proven, lasting results.

Through an initial conversation with you, we recommend a basic plan that:

A Sample List of Our Recent Clients



  • Bogaard Group International, Pasadena, CA
  • Brothers Pool, Wallingford, CT
  • Arctic Leasing, Bellflower, CA
  • ProClaim Physician Services, Chino Hills, CA
  • Prime Time Shuttle, Los Angeles, CA
  • Opoli, El Segundo, CA
  • Strategic Partners, Detroit, MI
  • Rising Star Studios, Minneapolis, MN
  • Versatile Productions, Aspen, CO
  • Park University Enterprises, Mission, KS
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Non Profit

  • Rainbow Services, San Pedro, CA
  • Beacon House, San Pedro, CA
  • Grace Lutheran Church, Huntington Beach, CA
  • Messiah Lutheran Church, Yorba Linda, CA
  • Mt. Carmel Lutheran Church, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Lutheran Social Services of WI and MI, Milwaukee, WI
  • Center for the Partially Sighted, Culver City, CA
  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Pomona, CA
  • Operation Jump Start, Long Beach, CA
  • Marshall Properties, Orlando, FL
  • True Media Foundation, Aspen, CO
  • Rising Star Workshop, Minneapolis, MN
  • Park University Enterprises, Kansas City, MO
  • Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership, Long Beach, CA
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Faith Based

  • 3 Way Thrift, Chino, CA
  • Alpine Camp & Conference Center, Blue Jay, CA
  • Outreach for Hope, Milwaukee, WI
  • Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, Pewaukee, WI
  • Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd, Torrance, CA
  • St. Brigid Catholic Church, Los Angeles, CA
  • New Hope Presbyterian Church, Orange, CA
  • Faith Inkubators, Stillwater, MN
  • City on a Hill, Milwaukee, WI
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  • LA Public Library, Los Angeles, CA
  • Los Angeles County Dept. of Mental Health, Los Angeles, CA
  • LA Care Health Plan, Los Angeles, CA
  • First 5 LA, Los Angeles, CA
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  • Beneficial Ag Services, Ontario, CA
  • VetEx, Chino, CA
  • Miersma Diary, Ontario, CA
  • Green Acres Dairy, Ontario, CA
  • Scott Bros Dairy, San Jacinto, CA
  • Oostdam Dairy, San Jacinto, CA
  • Billy’s Egg Farm, Chino, CA
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  • Intellectual Virtues Academy Charter School, Long Beach, CA
  • Brevard Academy, Brevard, NC
  • Valley Presbyterian School, North Hills, CA
  • Riviera Hall Lutheran Preschool, Redondo Beach, CA
  • New Morning School, Plymouth, MI
  • Assn of Christian Schools International, SoCal Region, Brea, CA

What you Do

Leadership and Management

The differences between leading and managing are important to understand. Equally important is understanding yourself and your colleagues well enough to know when to engage in which role. Certain “pain points” require leadership perspective and action. Others are best served with a skilled management approach.

We listen closely during dialogue around your people, systems, assets, and liabilities, etc. Then our academically informed, lived-experience insights get threaded in with yours. The result is a customized approach to content and delivery based on who you are, where you’re going, and what you need to get there.

TurningWest expertise and services will help you:

  • Identify and leverage values, strengths, and experience
  • Develop new and existing skill sets
  • Increase awareness and internalize self-care practices
  • Design and Implement a customized Leadership Farm system
  • Implement scalable structures and systems for ongoing growth and development

Effective leadership and management begins with oneself. It then flows into the teams, work groups, departments, divisions, and overall organization. It has been said and validated, “As the leader goes, so goes the organization.” No matter how fine-tuned the vehicle is, it can achieve no more than its driver, pilot, captain, or operator is capable of in the moment or season. Invest in yourself and your colleagues through engagement with one or more of the proven services accessible by clicking the button.

Leadership & Management Development Services


Healthy, high-functioning teams are essential to a healthy, highly-productive organization. Whether you operate with a true team-mindset or more of a work-group approach, even the normal daily grind generates both helpful and harmful outcomes. The harmful ones result in mis-alignment, unhelpful resistance, and friction. If not addressed in forthright, respectful ways, those factors erode trust, the essential foundation to a cohesive team that achieves meaningful results.

Through guided use of proven tools, practices, and processes, your teams will:

  • Identify and establish their unique purposes, values, and expected behaviors
  • Learn how to refine and leverage those uniquenesses
  • Bring those mindsets and skills into the teams and work groups they lead
  • Transform silos into a cohesive network of mutually supportive, specialized functions
  • Utilize each others’ strengths, perspectives, and differences for common good

A team is a similarly-minded group of people with complementary skills and experience, holding each other accountable to a mutual set of values and clarified expectations, all in pursuit of a common purpose. For more on how TurningWest can help guide you toward that end, click on the button below

Team Formation and Development


Whether your company operates as B2B, B2C, a hybrid, or another model, the dynamic nature of businesses often causes uneven growth and development. That lack of congruency creates dis-traction. You don’t need reminding of what distraction causes.

A study of Fortune 1000 companies found up to 20% of employee time is wasted due to misaligned organizational culture.

It is difficult to pay proper attention to every moving part of complex organizations. Just as a complex machine is comprised of multiple simple machines engineered to work effectively together, so any organization of humans working together needs continual, attentive engineering of its structures, systems, and processes.

TurningWest’s team of experienced guides will help your organization with:

  • Clarifying elements of organizational identity and culture
  • Evaluating and designing or realigning structures and systems
  • Planning and execution at daily, weekly, quarterly, and strategic levels
  • Maximizing programs, systems, and processes
  • Implementing effective culture and leadership transitions

Strengthen your business today and prepare it for tomorrow with guidance from the trustworthy experts at TurningWest. Achieve more transformations that stick through customized business consulting and advisement services. Explore the services of TurningWest — your guide to a healthy culture with meaningful results.

Business Development Services


You are fulfilling a mission. Individuals get things done. Institutions help sustain those things. Coordinating all those individuals into a sustainably effective organization requires awareness and skill sets that no amount of passion can compensate for the lack of. Effective, sustainable nonprofit organizations develop a balanced approach to healthy mission fulfillment and fruitful operational performance.

Whether it’s clarity of purpose, values, structure, or systems, TurningWest is also passionate about helping nonprofits fulfill their mission. We’ve been there and have helped hundreds of other organizations establish, articulate, develop, and strengthen their:

  • Identity, purpose, and culture-shaping elements (values, mission, vision, etc.)
  • Designs for effective structures and systems for both current need and scaling
  • Governance policies, practices, and board recruitment & development
  • Donor development programs, messaging, and management
  • Programming, through evaluation, assessment, and realignments

With a solidly clarified identity and an expertly guided plan in place, your nonprofit will effectively move forward in fulfilling its mission, while confidently adapting to the “constant white-water” realities of the world it exists to transform.. Achieve more transformations that stick through customized nonprofit consulting services. Explore the services of TurningWestTM — your guide to a healthy culture with meaningful results. 

Non-Profit Development Services

Government Agencies

As part of a government agency, you are a public servant stewarding taxpayer resources toward the well-being of individuals and communities; even vastly extensive communities. You do this within a complex system of regulations, monitoring, reporting, and accountability that goes beyond your immediate agency or department. There is a lot to navigate when it comes to the myriad of needs around you. You and your people are the experts in your specific spheres of influence. There is a huge demand for that expertise.

When your agency, department, division, etc., needs a form of organizational development expertise for which you and your colleagues were not trained, or when the complexities surmount your collective experience and perspective…

Turn to TurningWest for guidance in how to:

  • Establish organizational design and structure.
  • Maximize systems and processes to fulfill your responsibilities.
  • Develop strategic planning and execution.
  • Assess and realign agency culture.
  • Engage in and interpret organizational audits.
  • Guide your team through leadership changes.
  • Assess programs for maximum impact.

With a trusted consultant who understands how to help you bring about transformative change, you resolve the internal issues that keep your agency from focused fulfillment of its purpose. Achieve transformations that stick with customized consulting services unique to your needs. Explore the services of TurningWest — your guide to a healthy culture with meaningful results.

Government Agency Services