Organization & Leadership Consulting

About Us

We care.

Sure, you’ve heard that before. Other consultants care too. Who knows if we care more or less, we certainly do care differently. Because we’ve been there. We’ve seen how bad it can get and lived through the difficulties of helping people discover a desire and the courage to do the work of getting better. Whether it involves individual, team, or organizational change, we’ve guided ourselves and others through effective processes of lasting transformation.

In addition to living it, we’ve reflected on it…we’ve studied it…we’ve written about it…and we’ve been asked again and again to help others increase their awareness of it, deepen their understanding of it, and sharpen their skills in executing it. What is this “it” of which we speak?

Organizational Health. High-Functioning Teams. True-to-Self Leadership. And more.

We study a lot, too. We create and interpret a lot of resources for others. Many of us have well-earned graduate degrees in the field of Organization Development. Many of us have mastered through experience the myriad dynamics of leadership, management, teams, and organizations.

“The map is not the territory.” When choosing an organization development consultant, you need one who has been where you are and knows how to get to where you want to be. You need a guide. You need someone who can blend your perspectives with those of others and help you implement a customized set of processes and solutions that address your unique needs. 

With an adaptive approach that helps you dig below symptoms, discover root causes, and determine transformative results, we provide deep-dive solutions and deliver them with care, humility, and value.  Our data-driven, academically-informed, lived-experience insights bring a level of expertise we know will benefit you.

We believe in working together, from concepts and principles to ideas, tools, and processes that provide practical and integrated application, execution, and evaluation.

We look forward to hearing the story of how you got to where you are and where you want to go next. We are energized by the opportunities to transform frustrating dis-tractions into momentum-building traction. We help you face debilitating dysfunction and turn it into highly functioning teams and systems….because we care…and we know you do too. We’re here to help.